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 路德维希·凡·贝多芬Ludwig van Beethoven   李斯特(Franz Liszt)   肖邦(Frédéric Franccedilois Chopin)   齐夫拉(Georges Cziffra)   博列特(Jorge Bolet)   里赫特(Richter, Sviatoslav)   霍洛维茨(Horowitz, Vladimir)   鲁宾斯坦(Rubinstein, Artur)   布伦德尔(Brendel, Alfred)   肯普夫(Kempff, Wilhelm)   瓦尔特·吉泽金(Walter Gieseking)   阿劳(Arrau, Claudio)   吉列尔斯(Gilels, Emil)   巴伦博伊姆(DanieI Barenboim)   阿格丽姬(Argerich, Martha)   李云迪( Li Yundi )   基辛(Yevgeny Kissin)   郎朗(Lang lang)   佩拉西亚(Murray,Perahia)   马克西姆(Maksim Mrvica)   理查德·克莱德曼(Richard Clayderman )人称“世界钢琴王子”   乔治·温斯顿(George Winston)   沈文裕(Shen Wenyu)   王羽佳(Wang Yujia)   吴纯(Wu Chun)等

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George’s mother said:“Bark, George.”

Harris is going out.

George went:“ Meow.”

“Will you be good, George?”

“No,George,” said George’s mother. “Cats go meow. Dogs go arf. Now, bark, George.”

asks Harris.

George went:“Quack-quack.”

“Yes,” says George.

“No,George,” said George’s mother. “Ducks go quack-quack. Dogs go arf. Now, bark,George.”

“I’ll be very good.”

George went:“Qink.”

I hope I’ll be good.

“No,George,” said George’s mother. “Pigs go qink. Dogs go arf. Now, bark, George.”

George thinks.

George went:“Moo.”

George sees something in the kitchen.

George’s mother took George to the vet.

It’s cake!

“I’ll soon get to the bottom of this,” said the vet.

I said I’d be good.

“Please bark, George.”

George thinks.

George went: “ Meow.”

but I LOVE cake.

The vet reached deep down inside of George…

What will George do?

And pulled out a cat.

Oh no, George!

“Bark again, George.” George went:”Quack-quack.”

What has George seen now?

The vet reached deep, deep down inside of George…

It’s Cat!

And pulled out a duck.

I said I’d be good.

“Bark again, George.” George went:”Qink.”

George thinks,

The vet reached deep, deep, deep down inside of George…

but I LOVE to play with cat.

And pulled out a pig.

What will George do?

“Bark again, George.”George went:”Moo.”

Oh no, George!

The vet put on his longest latex glove…

What has George seen now?

Then he reached deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, deepdown inside of George…

Some lovely soil!

And pulled out a cow.

I said I’d be good.

“Bark again, George.”

George thinks,

George went: “arf.”

but I LOVE to dig soil.

George’s mother was so thrilled that she kissed the vet…

What will Gorge do?

And the cat. And the duck. And the pig. And the cow.

Oh no, George!

On the way home, she wanted to show George off to everyone on the street. So she said, “Bark, George.”

Harris is back.

And George went: “Hello!”

“Hello, Harris!

Great to see you!”

“George! What have you done?

You’ve RUINED the place…

“And how on earth did you eat a WHOLE cake?”

I said I’d be good,

Gorge thinks,

I hope I’d be good, but I wasn’t.

What will George do?

“I’m sorry.” George says.

“I want to give you my favorite toy.”

“Thank you, George,” says Harris.

“Why don’t we go out for a nice walk?”

Great! George loves to go out.

There are so many things to see and do.

Uh-oh. George has see a cake.

Will he eat it?

No. George goes straight past.

Well done, George!

George sees some lovely soil.

Will he have a little dig?

No. Well done, George!

George doesn’t even try to chase Cat.

Even Cat is a bit surprised.

Something smells very interesting.

What can it be?

It’s a rubbish bin.

There’s nothing George likes more than


What will George do?